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History & Poetry Come Alive Here!

Take a few minutes to sample our of poetry and living history performance, then browse our web site to help you make an informed decision about how best we can help inspire your students, employees, members & patrons. 
Poet Nathan with Hampton Roads Youth Poets

"ACTIVISM"  is when you stop talking

and do something that gives someone without a voice the chance to speak." 

~ Nathan M. Richardson

Welcome to My World


Spiritual Concepts Publishing was founded in 1990 as a teaching company.


Many writer's ask, "why dosen't Spiritual Concepts Publishing - publish books?  


Our answer is in line with a simple biblical principle;  "If you  give a man a fish,  he will eat for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime."


 We offer a variety of workshops and performances for emerging writers that help build strong, lasting literary careers and authors who not only publish books but understand the business of becoming a published author.

Frederick Douglass

Poet Nathan at Heritage High School in Newport News VA
Poet Nathan with student for Self Publishing Workshop
Our Mission:
"Breaking down the racial and religious borders of society through unique messages of God's unconditional love."


Through our creative gifts we have the power to demonstrate what love can do.  The social constructs of race and religion are man's methods to profit  from those he can subjectify.  But God is not about religion, He is about relationships.  Through a life of trial and error we seek the simplifcation of what we've been sent here to do - build strong & loving relationships.


This is the force that drives everything we do.


"I am the poet of the body and I am the poet of the soul.  I go with the slaves of the earth equally with the masters. And I will stand between the masters and the slaves. Entering into both so that both shall understand me alike."


~ Walt Whitman

Frederick Douglass Live at the William Paca House in Annapolis, MD
Frederick Douglass Live at Local Middle School in Virginia

"Better your anger and fears flow like ink from a pen on a page or paint on a canvas, than blood on the side walk."


Nathan M. Richardson

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