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A New Chapbook  & Youtube Video
Released - August 15, 2020
The 7 Last Poems of an Unarmed Citizen....
Cover Design by Jaden Hawkins

STRONG REACTIONS FROM READERS OF - “The 7 Last Poems of an Unarmed Citizen” 


When I read the poem “Shotgun Wedding” - I threw the book across the room. But I had to go pick it back up.” ~ Shanda Brown 


“I love it! It had me in tears.” ~ Evelyn Beamon  


“This book is definitely relevant to the age and captures the emotion of all disenfranchised people.” ~ Symay Rhodes


“The piece that touched me the most was “In the Presence of Adsense” I read it three times and I will probably read it over and over again.” ~ Christie Murchison 


“I was touched and paused to look at the cover for a few minutes. I felt inspired. ~ Leila Holmes 



A new children's book Illustrated by Willie Cordy Jr.  Scheduled release date November 2021.


Spoken Word Performances

MY CREATIVE PROCESS - Tut Geth founder of the "Peer Review Project" interviews Nathan about     

his creative process; segment includes the poem "On Profanity" Click here to watch the interview  -

PRAISE FOR THE TRASHMAN - from the collection "Voices from the Wombs of Wisdom"      

Click here to view -

BAPTISM - from the collection "Likeness of Being"


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A PAUSE BETWEEN MEASURES - from the collecion "Voices from the Wombs of Wisdom"

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THE BEGINNING (a weddng poem) - from the collection "Likeness of Being"

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WHAT TO THE AMERICAN SLAVE IS THE 4TH OF JULY  - from the  "Frederick Douglass Speacking Tour"      

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The Parody - a poem by Frederick Douglass  - from the  "Frederick Douglass Speacking Tour"      

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When I first read about  Likeness of Being after it was submitted for review it immediately started talking to me and now I know why. This is more than a book of poetry, this is a book that resonates with the soul on a deep level.

Likeness of Being covers all facets of life; family, faith, music, nature, love. With the book comes an audio CD of 17 poems performed by Richardson himself. His voice is extremely meditative. I found some of the poems and read along with him. For others I just closed my eyes and listened, reflecting on my own life. Richardson sings "Nobody Knows" with a voice that is most contemplative. With my eyes closed I was able to imagine the workers in the cotton fields, singing and moving in unison.

Richardson is very talented and brings the reader to a place of questioning, yet, at the same time a place of serenity in "Likeness of Being." Thoughts and emotions are stirred, issues are evoked, and deeper faith instilled. Only a gifted writer, which is emotionally invested in the writing, can convey all these messages at the same time in one poem. Richardson is this gifted writer.


Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views


Twenty-one Imaginery T-Shirts is a collection of aphorisms and short poems published in a chapbook format.   There are wonderful visual art contributions made by Angelo Mesisco, Clayton Singelton, Don Shipp, Gerome Meminger and Marlon Richardson.



The poems in Nathan Richardson’s Twenty-One Imaginary T-Shirts are the right size for the heart. Each spoken word woven from moral fiber, wet on the tongue and loose on the wind. They echo like joyful prayer from a kind church, and I find myself kneeling in their black fabric, healed by love.


Eddie Dowe - English Teacher - Granby High School Norfolk, Va 




"I have been reading Twenty-One Imaginary T-Shirts since last night and am enjoying it very much. Every page seems to have a nugget of wisdom, along with humor. I'm enjoying the artwork too. All together, it is a thoughtful and well done work. I'm glad to have it and to have met you.  Best wishes!"

Mari Mann - author of Parisian by Heart