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Before You Book a Performance.... Browse this Web Site!  Watch the Videos!! Read the Reviews!!!  Then reserve your spot on the Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour. 
Frederick Douglass Live is present during 2020 Protest at Lincoln Park in Washingtion DC. Spoke in support of Emanicipation Monunment

PHOTO CREDIT:  John Muller - Image captured at the protest at Lincoln Park in Washington, DC on November 2020. Defending the Emancipation Monument

The 2023 / 2024 Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour will place a focus on American Democracy and the evolution of how Frederick Douglass framed  his understanding of the United States Constitution.  

Each year Nathan M. Richardson renowned interpreter of Frederick Douglass chooses a major theme from the life of Frederick Douglass to share with his audiences. This years theme follows the prevailing mood & interest of the country and may or may not be the theme for clients who select a different topic of discussion.>>>

Join Frederick Douglass (Nathan M. Richardson) for a conversation about the meaning of American Democracy in the words of former slave turned writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Learn how his relationships with William Lloyd Garrison, Susan B Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Presidents Lincoln, Johnson, Garfield and Grant significantly influenced the suffrage movement, the antebellum, the civil war and early reconstruction. Hear Mr. Douglass explain his evolving views on the U S Constitution and American Democracy. Bring your own questions. 


Below is a short list of previous clients who have hosted events on the topic of American Democracy and the United States Constitution.


COVID 19 NOTICE: Booking performances in accordance with local COVID Social Distancing Guidelines for live events (Indoor & Outdoor) following limited seating protocol and on virtual platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live, Stream Yard or Webex. 


Frederick Douglass Live performance at the historic First Baptist Church of Manassas, VA
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